How It All Began

In 1986 Dallas was asked to be the master of ceremonies for the first federal Martin Luther King holiday event at her high school in 1986.

In March 1990, Dallas joined a group called Education for Democracy traveling to Czechoslovakia following the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Velvet Revolution. While there she witnessed first-hand the effect of communism on a nation and her people: people so eager to hear God’s word, lined up in rows of depths unimaginable, standing in the street outside of a church because there was no room- just because they could. They were having the first political elections in over 40 years, just beginning the journey of democracy.

Today that same freedom we take for granted is now in jeopardy.  We are seeing hatred and division in our country and throughout the world. With the age of technology and 24/7 media coverage focused on these horrific acts around the globe we can feel paralyzed and hopeless.

#ThinkLoveFirst is the answer to a world crying for peace.  #ThinkLoveFirst is the answer through our individual acts of agape love and service that can counteract the darkness.  The vision is for individuals, civic groups, schools and communities.  We are the answer to anti- bullying and acts of kindness and service. Together we can do our part to be larger collection to change our world one heart at a time. We can bring back the spirit of respect for all and celebrate our unique differences and our common traits as human beings.

Reach out to learn how to start a #ThinkLoveFirst initiative.  Through social media we can reach others around the globe.  Visit our store and see our #ThinkLoveFirst logoed products to help show your support and bring awareness to our mission.

Our Founder

Today Rev. Dallas, Mrs. Petite America 2016 is a speaker, author and media personality. She is the founder of #ThinkLoveFirst that is the global mission for Purpose Without Limits, a non profit 501 c3 ministry. To learn more about the ministry or invite Dallas to speak at your next event, visit www.purposewithoutlimits.com