#ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Message- Creation Is Singing & Trying to Speak

#ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday- Hello Loved Ones. What is nature trying to tell you? Recently both my husband and I have had many encounters with two very distinct animals. Last week during the Veterans Day activities, I came face to face with a Hawk, as if it were waiting for me to pass by. After I said hello, it gently flew off. The next day I saw a Hawk flying on my way to a meeting. We also have a Hawk next in our yard.

My husband has repeatedly been seeing deer and while that is not odd in Alabama, it is odd in the everyday occurrence during the work week. The question is what is nature trying to tell you? If you are seeing nature show up often perhaps there is a message to consider? What are the characteristics of that animal? Perhaps this is a season you are to embody similar traits or learn to usher embrace these traits more in your life. Pay attention, be alert. If you aren’t life could truly be passing you by and your best teachers will go unheard. It is probably a lesson you don’t want to miss!

Grace & Peace to You!