#ThinkLoveFirst – It Begins with You!

Suburu shows us how a company can champion a campaign that touches our heart, nurtures our soul and is meeting our felt needs. If they can do it, why can’t you?

#ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Message

Hello Loved Ones. I was watching a documentary yesterday on the rise of Hilter etc. and it brought back so many memories and reasons I have been trusted with #ThinkLoveFirst . It must first unfold in our hearts when we receive the Love of the Divine in fullness.

When this happens we can truly love our neighbor as we love ourselves. I recored this message with my phone immediately following a tour over a year ago. I wanted to share this with you. This is also the platform that lead with for the Mrs. Petite America pageant.

#ThinkLoveFirst is the answer. How it manifest in each of our lives will look different and be just as unique as we are. Isn’t that amazing!

Much love,

Rev. Dallas

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