#ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Message- Focus on a Mind-Set of Gratitude and Change Your World

#ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Message- Hello Dear Ones. I have been dealing with a head cold and still under the weather today. I had hoped to be able to do a video message; however, this is today’s message. “Practice the art of being grateful. Embrace a mind-set of being content and noticing the abundance that nature brings us everyday. When we see how blessed we are to live another day, love another person- then we will truly experience joy.” I hope this encourages you to stop and smell the roses (or the wild flowers etc.) Don’t let life pass you by in your busyness. With love and gratitude – Rev. Dallas –

#ThinkLoveFirst – It Begins with You!

Suburu shows us how a company can champion a campaign that touches our heart, nurtures our soul and is meeting our felt needs. If they can do it, why can’t you?

#ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Message

Hello Loved Ones. I was watching a documentary yesterday on the rise of Hilter etc. and it brought back so many memories and reasons I have been trusted with #ThinkLoveFirst . It must first unfold in our hearts when we receive the Love of the Divine in fullness.

When this happens we can truly love our neighbor as we love ourselves. I recored this message with my phone immediately following a tour over a year ago. I wanted to share this with you. This is also the platform that lead with for the Mrs. Petite America pageant.

#ThinkLoveFirst is the answer. How it manifest in each of our lives will look different and be just as unique as we are. Isn’t that amazing!

Much love,

Rev. Dallas

Women’s March DC/Alabama – #ThinkLoveFirst in Action

Hello Dear Ones.

I just found out about this or I would be on my way to D.C. The vision I have for my global mission is a human rights movement #ThinkLoveFirst. If you can join a group in your area, be a part of a movement of light and love for all.


I am planning to go to our march in Birmingham this Saturday January 21st. This is in line with my mission #ThinkLoveFirst. If anyone plans to be in Birmingham perhaps we can meet up.

I am not sure if I will be speaking or not at this event. I only learned about it today. We can heal when we lead with the Greatest Degree of Love for all and only then.



Weekly #ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Facebook Live Messages with Rev. Dallas at 7:30 CST

Don’t forget: #ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday with Rev. Dallas. We will have our first video of 2017. I will be praying about what God wants me to share this evening at 7:30 CST. Join us live- there could just a special message for you. Much love- Rev. Dallas

I began offering #ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday messages in fall 2016.  I am committed to continue these weekly messages to encourage you and inspire you to renew, restore and reconnect with the Divine.

Join us live, send a prayer request and expect God to speak to you directly.

This is the year for everyday miracles.

Much love,

Rev. Dallas 



Weekly #ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Messages Facebook Live Q & A with Rev. Dallas

 Dallas Shares Real Time Video Messages from the Holy Land


Ceasarea Phillippi

Mount of Beatitudes

Dead Sea Reflections

Reminder Loved Ones- #ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday’s Facebook Live Ministry Message and Online Prayer Service

Reminder Loved Ones- #ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday’s Facebook Live Ministry Message and Online Prayer Service will be at another time due to a time conflict. I will coming to you live at 2:00 p.m. CST tomorrow. I will pray for a timely Divine message as well as listen for specific messages from above regarding our needs for healing in our bodies and in our hearts. Perhaps you can take your afternoon break and join us live as we lift each other and our world up in prayer.

Sending you light and love!

Grace & Peace to you,


Rev. Dallas Teague Snider

#ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Message- Creation Is Singing & Trying to Speak

#ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday- Hello Loved Ones. What is nature trying to tell you? Recently both my husband and I have had many encounters with two very distinct animals. Last week during the Veterans Day activities, I came face to face with a Hawk, as if it were waiting for me to pass by. After I said hello, it gently flew off. The next day I saw a Hawk flying on my way to a meeting. We also have a Hawk next in our yard.

My husband has repeatedly been seeing deer and while that is not odd in Alabama, it is odd in the everyday occurrence during the work week. The question is what is nature trying to tell you? If you are seeing nature show up often perhaps there is a message to consider? What are the characteristics of that animal? Perhaps this is a season you are to embody similar traits or learn to usher embrace these traits more in your life. Pay attention, be alert. If you aren’t life could truly be passing you by and your best teachers will go unheard. It is probably a lesson you don’t want to miss!

Grace & Peace to You!



#ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Facebook Live Message Election Night- We Must Come Together and Heal Our Land!

It’s time we heal and come together. It’s time that we heal our nation and change our focus. It’s time that we #ThinkLoveFirst and move forward to make America great again!  We must remember that it is about our people. Rev. Dallas, #MrsPetiteAmerica2016, talks about her vision to move the country forward with a renewed respect, honor and dignity for every person. Only together can we be the great country we were designed to be.

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